• Mediabank


    A user-friendly environment in which you can manage storage and distribution of all your digital files.

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  • Brand Portal

    Brand Portal

    A step-by-step marketing services platform for all your marketing functions.

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  • Campaign management

    Campaign management

    Achieve more with fewer resources and in less time.

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  • Local marketing

    Local marketing

    Your organisation's success depends on the success of your local communications.

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  • Workflow management

    Workflow management

    Ensuring that your marketing processes run quickly, efficiently and in standardised form.

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  • Web-to-print


    Adjust and produce your marketing materials directly.

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Efficient marketing starts with MarketingOne.The enterprise software platform for Marketing, Communication and Brand Management.

Brand Consistency

Consistent brand communication across all channels, businesses, regions and languages and increased brand awareness through easy access to digital files for internal and external users.


Unambiguous statement of proven successful sales and other processes and supporting marketing and communication materials, to enable effective and quick response to customer needs.

Consolidation of content

Consolidation and centralized storage of digital files of best practices. Digital files, templates and best practices can be easily retrieved and reused (without or with modifications).


Reduce traffic marketing costs by standardising and automating frequent processes (eg briefings, templates, creation of marketing campaigns, etc.).

Functional excellence

Brand education and guidance, knowledge sharing, interaction and collaborating in order to improve marketing and communications excellence.


More grip on locally produced materials if desired by installing control mechanisms for proper application and legal checks.