advertisingAdvertising & Media

Create advertisements quickly and easily and place media titles directly

MarketingOne's Advertising & Media module enables your organisation to create your own advertisements: easily, quickly and without additional costs for an advertising agency. Users can change texts and images in the browser and even change the lay-out characteristics. You can determine the exact modification settings allowed for each template and user group. The result is a certified PDF that can be forwarded directly to the media bureau or media title.

After an advertisement has been modified and approved, a media space can be reserved in the media on radio or television or in newspapers, magazines and online media as selected by or for the user. The Advertising & Media module takes into account delivery specifications and placement data. You may also reserve just the media space (Media Only), so that you or a third party can supply the media material for the reservation later. Centralised uniform prices for media can be used from decentralised locations. You will always have a clear overview of your media budget, including its use and composition.

  • Personalise your advertisements and reserve media space
  • Substantially shorter completion times
  • Significant savings
  • Decentralised use of central media discounts
  • Display possible placement data and deadlines for content delivery
  • Proportionally rescaling of material within adjustable limits
  • Efficient use and reuse of material