Real-time information about budgets and expenses

MarketingOne's Budgeting module allows you to assign, manage and centrally control budgets. You will have real-time information about budgets on an organisational, branch, departmental or even campaign level at any given moment. As the budgets can be split freely you will have an overview of the breakdown and allocation of all expenses. You will always have an up-to-date overview of your total budget and how it is broken down.

Whenever a user places an order in the shop or makes a media reservation, these expenses may be automatically corrected or deducted from the assigned budget. Any overview of expenses can also be generated. The Budgeting module also enables you to generate invoices allowing you to address the financial aspect in one easy step. Individual users have a detailed overview of their expenses at any given moment. Not only costs, but also itemisations of expenses and orders can be viewed at any given moment.

  • Real-time information about budgets on an organisational, branch, departmental or campaign level
  • Savings on handling costs by integrating the budgets with orders and media reservations
  • Information about usage and expenses reduces likelihood of exceeding budgets
  • Effective control through easily traceable or retraceable transactions
  • Useful functions such as history, budget periods and details for each expense item