projectCampaign & Project management

A simple solution for managing projects and campaigns using standardised processes

The Campaign & Project Management module makes it very simple to carry out campaigns and projects. It enables you to manage large numbers of complex projects at the same time without losing sight of the overall picture or spending too much time.

Monitoring and adjustment

Because the timetables and processes are standardised, you can generate a project timetable in next to no time, including the accompanying tasks, completion times and delivery moments. The project timetable is linked to the relevant process in the system.

Information about the project’s status

Many of the direction and control tasks can be left to the system, using computerised e-mail reminders. While the projects are being carried out, the system will keep you informed of the status of each project.

  • Working with standardised processes and workflows
  • Management by exception
  • Easy transfer of tasks/responsibilities
  • Extensive notification options
  • Escalation (programmable criteria)
  • Sample projects/campaigns (best practices)
  • Direction and overview of all your projects at all times