dmDM Campaigns

Fast and easy set up and execution of personalised DM actions

MarketingOne's Direct Marketing Campaigns module offers integral support for setting up and executing DM campaigns, from a simple DM letter to a personalised brochure.

A convenient CRM function for assembling, using and managing target lists online is available for this purpose. Once you have added contacts you can create segments/selections by filtering on numerous target characteristics. When the target lists are ready you can start your DM action by selecting a communication form in MarketingOne: you can create a new communication or use an existing one. The DM module then combines the generated data file with this communication. A complete PDF is created containing all individual communications. This PDF can be made available to third parties or printed immediately. It allows you to quickly launch new DM campaigns as well as reuse previous campaigns.

  • Full support for setting up and executing DM campaigns
  • The integrated CRM system automatically updates (dynamic target lists) mailing lists and removes duplicates
  • Very short realisation time
  • Reuse of old campaigns
  • Campaigns and contact information in one location