emailE-mail campaigns

Quick and easy set-up and execution of personalised e-mail actions and newsletters

MarketingOne's E-mail Marketing module offers integral support for setting up and executing e-mail campaigns. Everything from a simple digital newsletter to a personalised e-mail campaign is supported.

You can use the convenient CRM function for assembling, using and managing target lists online. Once you have added contacts you can create segments/selections by filtering on numerous target characteristics. When the target lists are ready you can start your e-mail action by selecting an e-mail template in MarketingOne. You can create a new e-mail template or use an existing one. All you need to do then is set the date and time. This allows you to quickly launch new e-mail campaigns as well as reuse previous campaigns.

  • Full support for setting up and executing e-mail actions online
  • Automatic removal of duplicate address files and opt-out lists
  • Very short realisation time
  • Reuse of old campaigns
  • Campaigns and contact information in one location