Centralised management and availability of all your information and guidelines

Develop, manage and share all your marketing, brand and house style guidelines centrally with MarketingOne's Guidelines module. The Guidelines module's most frequently used applications are the house style manual and brand book. It makes all your house style and brand guidelines available online, ensuring each user access to the most recent data any time.

The Guidelines module is also very effective for sharing news within your organisation. Special blog functions are included for this purpose. With the publication mechanism, you can determine exactly who has access to what information; internally, but also for external parties such as advertising agencies, studios and others that use your house style or guidelines.

  • All marketing, brand and house style guidelines are centrally available and manageable
  • Version management
  • Guidelines can be applied directly or downloaded, e-mailed or made available as a download link
  • Cost-effective, low maintenance costs
  • Search engine: use key words or full text to easily access information
  • Increased quality and consistency