FrameWork2MarketingOne Framework

The foundation for all your marketing software.

Framework forms MarketingOne's foundation. It links the individual MarketingOne modules and lets them fully communicate with each other. By using various themes you can give different businesses or brands within the application a unique visual style.


MarketingOne is based on what is commonly known as Webpart technology. It enables you to make web-based changes to your application that fit your needs and situation, without requiring any customised modifications. Over 250 controls are currently available. Controlled distribution, version management and registration; publishing documents and data using this application is managed via the Framework. Version management automatically ensures that these documents are deleted after their expiration date. This guarantees that your content is always up-to-date. You can also consult the version history of the documents in the application: you can see exactly which user accessed which document and for what purpose. The available content may also differ per user: content may be authorised separately for each individual user. The advanced search engine helps users quickly access information and files within the application.


You can export data from MarketingOne to various formats such as Excel; your data is readily available whenever you want it, the way you want it. This also works the other way round: Framework also supports the conversion of incoming data, enabling you to easily import data from other systems and create links to existing applications and tools. Various XML-based web services are also available for this purpose. Users are notified of changes or modifications to their orders or personal data by e-mail. As Framework supports various languages, users can be addressed in their own language.

  • Highly flexible due to Webpart technology
  • Significant savings
  • Fast actions and campaigns
  • Increased accountability
  • Easy compliance guideline implementation
  • A platform for all your departments and branches
  • One platform for all your marketing applications
  • Very user friendly
  • Overview and control
  • Easy to integrate with or link to existing applications and tools