shopShop & Stock control

Central management and distribution of all your communication products

MarketingOne's Shop module enables your employees, departments and branches to order products 24 hours a day. It works just like an online shop: standard products and custom products can be ordered. The nature of the product is irrelevant: a golf ball, a custom advertisement or an adjustable product sheet. All orders are archived for a complete order history.

In practice, the Shop module is often combined with Workflow & Approval. The interaction between the two modules enables you to completely customise the ordering process. If a Hong Kong customer orders a custom product sheet, a local printer is used. If a Dutch customer orders a letterhead, the warehouse in Utrecht is notified. For certain orders you may wish to request a price quote first. This is also possible. The Shop module offers an almost unlimited number of possibilities, such as managing products and their prices depending on the quantity ordered.

  • All available communication and marketing products can be ordered from one central location
  • Product availability according to level of authorisation (user, department, country, etc.)
  • Fully supported ordering process, including the integration of subcontractors
  • Savings on printing and media costs with the fee book and price quote feature
  • Automatic supply calculation with e-mail notification
  • Price agreements with preferred suppliers can be recorded in the system
  • Can be combined with budget information
  • Linkable to your financial administration