templateTemplate designer

Create templates for advertisements and adjustable printed matter.

MarketingOne's Template Designer allows you to create templates that can be shared with the Document Editor module and Advertising module. Create your own templates for brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, Point of Sales material, newsletters and product sheets. When working with a PDF (for instance from InDesign or Quarck) you can define and save various objects/information (the 'blocks') from that file. You can then import the PDF into the Template Designer. All metadata and variable information is automatically recognised and processed.

The template can now be shared with various users or user groups. You decide who may adjust the previously defined 'blocks'. Within your predetermined limits, users may change and adjust texts, images and layout characteristics in the browser. For instance, you can determine that on business cards only the job title or last four digits of a phone number may be changed. You will create and share your first template in no time at all.

  • Create quick and easy templates and make them available for various marketing and communication material
  • House style protection through predetermined and authorised 'blocks'
  • Users can visually create the expression in the web browser (web2print)
  • Less error prone, simplified layout process
  • Lower costs combined with greater control