• Mediabank


    A user-friendly environment in which you can manage storage and distribution of all your digital files.

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  • Brand Portal

    Brand Portal

    A step-by-step marketing services platform for all your marketing functions.

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  • Campaign management

    Campaign management

    Achieve more with fewer resources and in less time.

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  • Local marketing

    Local marketing

    Your organisation's success depends on the success of your local communications.

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  • Workflow management

    Workflow management

    Ensuring that your marketing processes run quickly, efficiently and in standardised form.

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  • Web-to-print


    Adjust and produce your marketing materials directly.

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Workflow management

Ensuring that your marketing processes run quickly, efficiently and in standardised form.

The Workflow Management solution enables you to standardise your organisation’s processes. Your current or preferred way of working forms the basis: the choice is yours.


The following are some examples of processes that can easily be standardised and computerised:

  • Conducting campaigns and carrying out all accompanying tasks and activities
  • Commissioning translations of documents into multiple languages by translation agencies/copywriters
  • Drafting, reviewing and assessing briefings
  • Requesting price quotes and selecting suppliers
  • Reserving media space and sending artwork

Direction and control

A process is started up and the predefined steps are completed. Tasks are assigned to members of your team or employees of your suppliers at the appropriate moment and in the correct sequence. The system takes preprogrammed criteria into account, and if the costs exceed the predefined budget the system will first seek the manager’s approval before permitting any subsequent steps. You retain direction and control of the process.

Management by exception

The Workflow Management solution automatically monitors the processes. If a briefing’s submission date is missed, for example, the task owner (and if applicable his or her manager) will be sent a message and tasks can automatically be escalated. The system monitors the progress of all tasks in all pending processes. This enables you to retain an overview and allows you to act only where necessary.

All information is stored

When carrying out the process, the system stores all necessary information and files in one place, including a comprehensive version history. For example, if you are organising a seminar, all the briefings, quotes, photographs and other information for the previous seminar will be available.

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