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Marketing compliance: mastering regulatory obligations. The financial world is changing. Regulatory obligations demand compliance. Expectations and requirements change and become ever more detailed.
Compliance is a critical factor in Achmea’s business. Marketing compliance in the financial marketplace requires correct promises, aligned, approved, in accordance with all guidelines and recorded in a single system for future reference.

About Achmea

Achmea is one of the largest financial service providers in The Netherlands. The company is the largest insurer in The Netherlands, regarding premium incomes. Achmea is the parent company of several major Dutch insurance brands, including Centraal Beheer, Interpolis, FBTO, Zilveren Kruis and Avéro Achmea.


The context of marketing compliance

Marketing compliance is an essential legal requirement. Promises, correctly aligned, approved and in accordance with all guidelines, are recorded in a single system for future reference., which is available on demand. That is Achmea Tactical Campaign Management.

Operational excellence delivered

Marketers can start new initiatives, execute and monitor various campaigns and campaign related activities. The portal also allows marketers to create marketing briefings and communication plans, to select and assign partners in various projects. It promotes collaboration with partners and produces the communication materials with the preferred suppliers and the involvement of all internal departments and stakeholders.

Financial supervision act compliant

The system allows better supervision and control within the framework of the Financial Supervision Act (WFT). In addition, it enables significant cost savings, better alignment and reduced stress levels among users.

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