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Digital Asset Management: single source of truth

Deliver relevant content from a single source


Key features

  • Secure File exchange;

  • Version Control integrated;

  • Social Media Connectors;

  • Workflow Management;

  • Reporting and Analytics;

  • Metadata management; 

  • UI/UX Customizable per Brand

Any Device any format

With Digital Asset Management, you can manage content in any format, for any device and for any purpose. Content is stored, managed, distributed and monitored for efficiency and performance. 


Enhanced customer experiences with personalized content with relevant messages tailored to the recipient.

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Leverage your investments
  • Maximize the impact of your investment to deliver relevant content from a single source. Optimize the use of globally developed campaigns by redistributing campaign materials and templates strategically.

Reduce fees and costs
  • Easily adapt communications to individual and local requirements with no need for external professionals.

Permission based
  • Distribute customized campaign materials directly to a range of online and offline platforms via built-in connectors or dedicated user groups (permission based access). 

  • Immediate access to relevant, up-to-date assets through an intuitive user interface and powerful search methods.

  • Secure and reliable file sharing with stakeholders across the enterprise and around the world to meet changing market needs.

Social Media 
  • Native integration with various Social Media channels. Read more »

permission based access

Permission Based Access

State of the art permission based access to digital assets? Enable access to files, based on user-specific permissions, location or role.


Grant access not before a particular release date or only for a specific time period? We have got you covered!


Enable file usage based on individual use case level? Using 'Request for download' helps you do just that.

Private Cloud

Accessible 24x7


Our top priority: all your digital assets safe. Always. All your data safely in your 'private cloud'. Your data is accessible to you and no one else. You decide who has access and who does not.  

Avoid copyright infringements 

MarketingOne protects you from potential Copyright infringements


Responsible for protecting not only your own copyrights but also those of your partners?  Covered!


Interested but not quite sure yet? Then do not hesitate to contact one of our advisers. They will be more than happy to help you further.

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