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spent management

Enable data-driven budget decisions anytime

Budget allocation, automatic cost deductions, advertising subsidies and spent management


Budget and Spent Management enables data-driven budget decisions anytime, anywhere. Plan, manage, and optimize decentralised budgets with real-time reporting and control to maximize campaign performance.

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budget allocation
​Allocate budgets accurately​
  • Improved agility in allocating budgets more accurately to allow rapid budget shifts based on changing circumstances.


Supports various forms of co-funding
  • Optimize your marketing strategy by linking the actual performance of creative work with financial tracking to leverage best practices.


Measure and adjust​
  • Share relevant expense reporting with finance and sales, including both internal and external data, for collaborative decisions.


Allows agile budget adjustments
  • Rapidly shift budgets based on changing business goals with real-time visibility and control over local-to-global expenditures.

  • Automatically import and split purchase orders and invoices to multiple campaigns to more accurately attribute costs to budgets.

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