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GDPR Compliant Display bannering

Geography based
Display Bannering
for Retailers in a cookieless era

Display bannering

Advertise online without all the necessary bells and whistles that can be found in the usual tools and makes online advertising almost impenetrable fortress to mere mortals?


Now you can! We have joined our forces with IO Digital and Opt Out Advertising. We came up with a solution focussing on results without compromising quality. Optimizing clicks and impressions instead of wanting to be the most comprehensive or overwhelming tool. 

In the end  "It's the result that matters" we always say!

'This makes life
much, much easier!'

  • Enables postal code based targetting

  • Focus on Ease of use and avoiding irrelevant clutter 

  • Guarantees results: lower CPM and higher CTR

  • Natively integrated with other MarketingOne modules such as Shop & Supplier and Budget and spent management.

  • Automatically import predefined dynamic HTML-5 banners in various formats

  • Enables automatic participation budgetting and various models of advertising cost allowances. Break down per branch, region or campaign.

  • Supports all major Advertsing Platforms world wide

Worth considering?

Interested, but not quite sure?

If so, contact one of our other advisers. They will be more than happy to take the time and help you.

Confident Businesswoman
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