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Hyundai Dealerdesk

Dealer marketing exchange platform

Hyundai Motors 


SINCE 2018


Event driven one-to-one communication. Mastering Social Media Channels and digital marketing. Hyundai supports all its dealerships by providing them with all the necessary tools in the Hyundai Dealerdesk.
That’s the way to effectively use all the channels available to them to interact with customers and prospects. It’s much more than just traditional advertising.

Together with iO, we implemented the Hyundai Dealerdesk at Hyundai. Watch the video:
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Aligning campaigns

The use of the Hyundai Dealerdesk helps to align local marketing initiatives and activities with national and international ones. In this way marketers are supported in their local marketing activities.

Easy to use

Local marketers at Hyundai dealerships now have the relevant marketing tools at their disposal. National and local campaigns can be seamlessly aligned. The Hyundai Dealerdesk is an easily accessible and simple to use cloud-based solution.

The Hyundai Dealerdesk also gives users plenty of room for their own creativity and input within the framework of the corporate identity guidelines. With the help of user-friendly tools, various marketing tools for local use can be found, edited, designed and ordered.


  • Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn integration.

  • Cross channel marketing solution that automates email, social and offline campaigns.

  • Customer since 2018.

Focus on the customer

Local marketers can focus on one-to-one communication with their customers and prospects, for new business or after sales, using ready-made customisable e-mail templates or organising an event to support the launch of a new car model.

At the same time, they can publish various campaign materials and use them directly in their own social media channels, an integrated solution in the social media module.

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