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Is your marketing team only getting smaller, struggling with understaffing and knowledge draining away?  At the same time, expectations and regulatory pressure are only increasing?

The heart of the matter

Marketing compliance


Doing things smarter

Our clients value our methodological approach, our ideas and strategic forward-thinking and our good connections. We are a discerning friend, level-headed and fully focused on our clients' challenges.
Roelof, one of the Paragon consultants

We get our energy from
doing things smarter. 
...preferably with a huge savings potential

Independent and realiable
Laptop showing Achmea TCM marketing compliance

Uniting marketing and compliance

Compliance is about complying with relevant laws and regulations and operating according to standards and rules set by an organisation itself.

MarketingOne enables you to automate the tasks associated with meeting legal and compliance requirements, so that you can focus on building your brand.

Enhance team collaboration

Doing more with fewer people and improving team performance at the same time.

Collaboration has always been important. But with today’s variety of online and offline communication channels, effective collaboration between departments, external partners and suppliers is even more critical.

We improve collaboration with well-designed workflows aligned with day-to-day business practices. 

Professional Young Woman

Marketing teams are getting smaller it seems, while ambitions and expectations are only growing. We help organisations to close this gap.

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