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Obtain visibility and insight. Grip from start to finish.

We believe campaign planning, preparation, execution and monitoring should be all in one place.

The integrated approach from the initial campaign idea to the rollout and distribution of campaign materials provides visibility and insight. This results in creative and effective campaigns and campaign execution!

A platform to collaborate.
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Operational Excellence in Marketing Operations

Technical progress

As a number of trends, developments and technical innovations over the past decade have helped you target your audiences with ever greater accuracy and focus, the demands on marketing teams have also changed.

Complexity up, Team size down?

In addition, we see that teams are getting smaller rather than larger. The number of communication channels available is increasing and is often cluttered. Some work better than others, but which should you use at what time? This requires a different approach and better support for your teams. Paragon can help you do just that.

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What does it deliver?

  • Fewer errors; 

  • Lower costs; 

  • Shorter lead times;

  • Less stress;

  • Inproves the ease of use for various communication channels;

  • Inproves team collaboration;

  • Insight. What works and what doesn't.

How exactly?

  • By using pre-defined workflows, including integration with suppliers, tasks and reconciliation rounds become inseparable. This speeds up turnaround times and reduces costs and provides better insight into spending; 

  • Get better control, with a single platform. This allows the whole team to be engaged at the right time, take over each other's task if needed and review every activity to make informed decisions.

Processes aligned
  • Optimise marketing activities through better alignment in operations. Automate common activities based on best practices. This will give you more time for strategic initiatives.

  • Streamline marketing activities for both internal and external staff and stakeholders to ensure consistency and compliance more peace of mind during execution.

Paragon consultant

Instead of an array of tools consider an integrated solution 

Interested in how we work and what we deliver? If so, contact one of our advisers. They will be more than happy to take the time to inform you.

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