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What if... 


Where opposites attract, opportunities arise

You can't run a responsible campaign without compliance. MarketingOne is a software solution that allows you to work on your campaigns without worrying about compliance with current laws and regulations. So you can focus on what really matters; campaigning responsibly.

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How a product name became our brand name


What if your brand name no longer fits because it has evolved greatly in the last 25 years? New developments and changing regulations were closely monitored and implemented into an all-in-one marketing workflow platform: MarketingOne 


We have noticed that the MarketingOne brand name has evolved and gained importance in recent years. Also, MarketingOne and Paragon are often used interchangeably to refer to the same thing.


Therefore, from now on, we are MarketingOne!


How it all started...


After 25 years of existence this milestone actually passed relatively unnoticed during the Corona period, it is time for strategic repositioning.


Our position in Automotive is further expanded. brands such as Peugeot and Hyundai were added to our customer portfolio.


Deutsche Telekom and Concordia Versicherungen become the first native German corporate clients. The implementation of MarketingOne is mostly handled by implementation partners. Paragon provides on-site partner support (train the trainer) and develops a number of customised links to existing systems. 


2008: launch MarketingOne

After a development period of more than a year, the first launching customer (Opel Netherlands) is operating using the new product we are marketing under the name MarketingOne. The design of the product, which is multilingual and extremely flexible in its configuration, makes it easy to connect customers in other European countries. In the first instance, we focus on our immediate neighbours, i.e. the UK, Germany and Belgium, where we manage to find various clients for our innovative solutions in the years to follow.

2006 - 2007


The incorporation of Paragon India (Paragon Dynamics Private Limited, is a fact. In this company, based in Chennai India, Dr P. Rajendran and S. Gopinath are shareholders alongside Paragon Holding Company.  The management is conducted by the former two.

This operating company houses a major part of the software development for Paragon BV in the Netherlands. In addition, Paragon Dynamics develops, supplies and implements various software solutions to clients in Dubai, India and the US. Often turnkey solutions for customers who are still customers today.

2002 - 2003


The participation of Nykamp & Nyboer is phased out and Rob Beernink and Patrick Paalman acquire the remaining Nykamp & Nyboer shares.

1999 - 2000


In the years that followed, the rapidly developing technical possibilities allowed us to surf along on the stormy development of the Internet.

Clients such as Rabobank and Tax Authorities, and then Nationale Nederlanden and ING Wholesale Banking were added to the list of illustrious clients who make their house style guidelines and supporting tools (such as the online layout of advertisements) available via the Internet.



Paragon moves from Oldenzaal to a new office in Deventer. The tagline Corporate Identity Support is added to the name Paragon. A number of years of growth follow, during which the new clients are welcomed while continuing to develop new solutions for existing customers.

1995 Paragon established

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