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If you believe, as we do, that compliance is of critical importance and not just an annoying triviality

Become a Workflow master

While the massive growth of digital services has given companies more power, it has also exposed new vulnerabilities.


Using MarketingOne as an operational platform makes robust service delivery models attainable through the deployment of AI and provides flexibility in an increasingly complex and interconnected virtual world.  

workflow management

Improve customer experiences

More and more organizations identify customer experiences as critical to their business and are investing heavily in streamlining and automating digital operations and simplifying campaigns management using MarketingOne Workflow.

All Channels

It allows you to set up your campaigns for various channels using templates, to brief, to approve and to track campaigns. At the same time view and assess results in real-time with our powerful Reporting.

improve customer experience

There are no restrictions on the number of users or process steps, eliminating manual interactions and dramatically reducing production time. 

From simple approval and reconciliation processes, to setting up and running full omnichannel campaigns. Including internal fine-tuning and approval rounds concerning the initial assessment of the creatives up to coordinating statements of work to external partners and suppliers in your ecosystem.

1. Briefing

Customize your briefings on every channel and unburden your teams by assigning key tasks and responsibilities so everyone can work efficiently.

2. Content production, tailored to the recipient across all channels.

Create local and global campaigns with a single click through our groundbreaking automated creative production solution MarketingOne Designer. Fully customizable for each channel and using dynamic templates, your campaigns can be quickly deployed across any channel, format or file type.

3. Approval

Simplify the processes for approving your campaigns and marketing statements and maintain a complete overview, wherever you are. Easily define roles and responsibilities, inside and outside the organisation, whether you are a project manager or a senior production manager.

4. Ordering

Take control of ordering processes by offering franchisees and site and shop managers a one-stop shop for all marketing communications. Keep track of costs by setting budgets for marketing requests.

5. Reporting

Get full insight into all your marketing efforts and ensure your campaigns are running smoothly with our powerful real-time reporting module, fully integrated with workflow and budget.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Unified approach, supports geographically dispersed teams;

  • Full transparency;

  • Shorter lead times, no need to reinvent the wheel each time;

  • Less stress and better cooperation;

  • Insight. Analyse what works and what doesn't. 


What does it deliver?

The first time right approach
  • By using well-defined workflows, including integration with suppliers, coordination and approval cycles become an inseparable part of the work and day-to-day business. This speeds up turnaround times, reduces costs and provides better insight into expenditures and cost allocation.

Better control and team engagement
  • Gain better control, with a single platform. This allows the whole team to be engaged at the right time, to take over each other's tasks if needed, and to review each activity to make informed decisions.

Operations aligned
  • Optimize marketing activities through better alignment in operations. Automate common activities based on best practices. This gives you more time for strategic initiatives.

  • Streamline marketing activities for both internal and external employees and stakeholders to ensure consistency and compliance provide greater peace of mind during execution.

Don't buy yet another tool, but consider a solution

Curious how we work and what we deliver? If so, contact one of our advisers. 

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