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Social Media
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Interactions with the brand on social media

Let users publish your brand messages directly to their social media channels

Social Media Channels Integrated

Easily accessible, free and simple. That's what it's all about. Providing maximum exposure with minimum effort.

Using only one platform instead of many, enabling multiple users in multiple regions? Wouldn't that be something. Of course you have the provision to make various materials available for collegues, partners or employees to use them in various channels. Whether it is LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube.

#LinkedIn #Facebook #Instagram #Youtube #Socialmedia #SocialsUnlocked 

Supported Channels

  • Connected to the major social platforms

  • Create the volumes you need to stand out by using your partner and collegues as brand ambasadors

  • Enable others to publish almost effortlessly and in the end get that well deserverd attention

  • Allow others to publish photo's, documents, news items, video's or even a carroussel that you carefully crafted

Why not start today?

Paragon Consultant
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