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Agile workflow Management in financial services

Marketing and compliance aligned. We offer a unique approach and a powerful, innovative platform. 


This state-of-the-art platform helps you to:

  • Bring your operations into compliance with applicable regulations.

  • Streamline your work processes.

  • Improve coordination and collaboration.

  • Accelerate execution within and between departments

It is a turnkey solution! Many companies have already gone before you.
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Organizations worldwide recognize the significance of exceptional customer experiences and are investing heavily in refining their digital operations.


MarketingOne Workflow Management simplifies and automates campaign management, enabling you to enhance customer experiences like never before. 

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'Streamline Operations to boost Customer Experiences'

Boosts Team Performance

Easily set up, approve, and track campaigns across various channels using our pre-built templates. Monitor and analyze results in real-time with our robust reporting capabilities, ensuring peak performance for your marketing endeavors.

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unmatched Efficiency,
No limitations!

Connect to any Business Object. Experience the freedom of limitless users and process steps, eliminating manual interactions and dramatically reducing production time for a smooth, efficient workflow management experience.

  1. Multiple consent and approval

  2. With adjustable conditions and threshold values

  3. Variable assignment of responsibilities

  4. Hierarchical responsibilities

  5. External seamlessly partners integrated

  6. Intergrated document flow with access restrictions

Collaborative teams:
ready for the future

ready for any audit! 


If questions are being asked, you can answer them!


From simple approval and reconciliation processes to setting up and running large-scale omnichannel campaigns, you align activities and responsibilities. Coordination with external partners and suppliers? Everything automatically recorded without additional burden and in compliance with all regulations.

No more

forgetting stuff

No more mistakes or forgotten steps. Using State Machine Workflows helps to avoid costly mistakes.

Sending reminder 

Include emplyees, departments, business partners and suppliers and notify them per e-mail

Do things that
are obvious

incorporate automated process steps based on predefined trigger events to accomodate alternative workflows

Hiring expensive consultants

Although processflows are layed out in templates, these templates can be easily adjusted to adapt changes and new requirements 

The advantages at a glance

  • Advantage 1: The first time right approach
    By using well-defined workflows, including integration with suppliers, coordination and approval cycles become an inseparable part of the work and day-to-day business. This speeds up turnaround times, reduces costs and provides better insight into expenditures and cost allocation.
  • Advantage 2: Full control and team engagement
    Gain better control, with a single platform. This allows the whole team to be engaged at the right time, to take over each other's tasks if needed, and to review each activity to make informed decisions.
  • Advantage 3: Operations aligned
    Optimize marketing activities through better alignment in operations. Automate common activities based on best practices. This gives you more time for strategic initiatives. Streamline marketing activities for both internal and external employees and stakeholders to ensure consistency and compliance provide greater peace of mind during execution.
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Don't buy yet another tool,  but consider a solution


Curious about our expertise in financial services, how we work and what we can do for you?  

Paragon Consultant

Patrick Paalman

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