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A platform where marketing and  compliance meet.  Delivering tools not rules.

Home solutions

We have selected the following examples for your inspiration....

Brand management and Brand compliancy

  • All materials Brand Compliant;

  • Personalized Branded Content for all channels;

  • Shorter Campaign cycles.

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Campaign and project management

  • Plan, execute, delegate and monitor your campaigns;

  • When complexity is up and team size goes down.

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Workflow management

  • Optimizes all your processes;​

  • Better team engagement;

  • Process Innovation increases efficiency and save cost

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Media pool: digital asset management 

  • Secure File exchange;

  • All your files centrally managed and available online;

  • Various social media connectors integrated.

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Mitigate risk and compliance Issues

  • Incorporate risk and compliance into your operations;

  • Capture and manage risks in your daily operations to obtain compliance.

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Looking for a tailor-made solution?

You didn't find a suitable  solution here? Then please know that our special projects team is eager to help.

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The heart of the matter

There are many different reasons why our customers have chosen for Paragon solutions. At the core, there are a few reasons that keep popping up, which we have listed here.

  • Improving Efficiencies and Effectiveness

  • Mastering Increasing complexity

  • Flawless: Enabling marketing compliance

  • Effortless: Enhancing team collaboration

The Core: MarketingOne®

Whether you're a marketing newbie or a seasoned pro, MarketingOne is your ultimate platform to save time, minimize effort, and supercharge your marketing game. Ready to work marketing magic? Give MarketingOne a whirl!

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How we make it work for you

Those who know us know we don't do things by halves! We believe that successful implementation requires proper embedding in your organisation.
That’s why our experienced team of specialists supports you all the way.

Our people are dedicated to making it work for you.
That’s a guarantee for your long-term success.

Our clients

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SINCE 2004

500+ USERS

Marketing compliance:
mastering regulatory obligations

Marketing compliance in the financial marketplace requires correct promises, aligned, approved, in accordance with all guidelines and recorded in a single system for future reference.

we focus on


Data security

All your assets in a private cloud. Our top priority.



We provide full access to your data at all times.



Exchange data seamlessly with other platforms through our webservices and API.


User friendliness

Both in our approach and in the way we design our software.


Future proofing

Innovation is making new and unexpected connections.

Challenge us.

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